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Beyond Basics : Getting a name | Heraldry | Personas | Who is Who | Helping out
Getting Involved
The Necessities
Your First Event
Beyond the Basics
Pennsic Guide
Now that you have been involved in the SCA and your local group, perhaps attended a few events and you are feeling comfortable with the group and are now ready to jump in with both feet.

A word of warning..this can be very addictive!!

The articles within this section are here to focus on things that people new to the SCA usually begin to ask questions about within the first few months.
  • Names : a basic article on picking names in the SCA and links to some of the basic naming resources.
  • Heraldry : another basic article on how to research and chose a heraldic device
  • Personas : a great article on figuring out what time period and type of person you wish to portray.
  • Who is Who : this article is to help people sort out who is who in the SCA, the meanings of the various types of crowns and coronets as well as how to address them
  • Helping out : This article takes you through a day at an event, but through the viewpoint of what the various support areas are, what skills are required for the jobs and how to get started with them.

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