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Camping with the Shire and the SCA

Many many events held throught the summer are weekend camping events. Camping events are a wonderful way to spend the weekend. Even if you are not a big camper, don't worry. The SCA does not believe in roughing it. Take a tour of some of the encampments when you are out at events and see how wonderful your encampment could be .

You will find a huge number of "lists" out there for people who camp with the SCA. The biggest problem I found as a newcomer was that
  • I didn't have the finances to put this all together at once
  • I had no idea why I was buying some of this stuff
  • I bought things that really were not necessary to camp with our group

For those starting out, we have a very basic, generic list of supplies that would be important and useful to have at a basic camping event. This list is designed with little or no camping experience and we will attempt to explain WHY we recommend doing things in a certain way or bring certain items. In no way is this the definative list. Everyone will have different personal needs all we will attempt to do is to give you a starting point

Before we go into the list of equipment. I have a final thought on camping and starting out. First of all you can use regular camping equipment. You will go to events and see wonderful canvas period looking tents, gorgeous wooden chairs and tables. You do not have to have them to camp with the SCA. There are all sorts of different types of tents, take your time, look around at options. Go with the best you can afford/justify/manage. After all you also need to make sure this is something you will enjoy doing. You may get out there and find out you hate camping and that you only want to do day events. IF you have never camped before, try to borrow a tent and other equipment, test them out and then when you are ready jump in and make your purchases.

Now ..on to your basic camping list which is also here is here as a printable text file.

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