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An Event Primer

Events tend to be what we, as Scadian's focus on from month to month, or truthfully, from event to event.We live by the next event we are going to and throw ourselves into the preparations for it. We plan ourweekends around which events we are going to attend and our shopping excursions on what to buy for our activities. This all sounds rather obsessive but in actuality, it is such a fun social activity that you too will find yourself doing the same thing.

There are basically 5 points to getting ready for your first event, or in fact any event.

1 Picking which event you want to attend.
2 Registering for the event.
3 Getting your outfit ready.
4 Getting your feast gear and other equipment together.
5 Having Fun!!!

1. Picking which event you want to attend.

Event listings are found on the Shire Calender ( go here ) the East Kingdom Web Site ( here )and in the Pikestaff ( the East Kingdom Newsletter ).

Not sure which one you want to attend? Read. See which event has the activities or theme you are interested in. Ask when you are out at activities who is going to which event. Post a message on the email list asking if people are attending. Ask about the event itself, has anyone had experience going to it, would they recommend it. People within the shire attend the local events, ususally in small groups to chances are, if its in the nearby vicinity, someone is going to be there.

We have already put together a list of the Shire sponsored events and some of the other local events to hopefully provide more information.

2. Registering for the Event

In every event listing there is information included as to the directions to the site, if alchol is permitted, times, dates, activites and most important , if there is limited space at the event itself or at feast. ( if there is one)Event listings also will include the cost of the event and who to send the pre registration to.

If you are really interested in attending make sure you get your reservations in, FEASTS SELL OUT!!!

Getting your outfit ready

This is probably the single most stressful part of getting ready for any event, whether it be a day event or a camping event. Your clothes. It is no different actually than the same frantic feeling you get before going away on a vacation. What do I wear? What do I take?

The only rule to attending an SCA event is thatyou Must make an effort to wear pre 1600 clothing.You may or may not have appropriate clothing yet .Please see the article on A Beginners Guide to Period Clothing for more information on making or getting clothing that you can make easily but in such a fashion that you will feel like you have been wearing garb for years.

Many events have somewhat of a theme to them. Some may focus on Italian Reniassance, others Vikings and yet others German. This is an event focus, not a requirement that all those that attend must dress in that manner. Nowif you want the fun ( or challenge) of coming up with garb that fits the event theme then do it, but you don't have to.People the have set persona's already will keep in the dress of their persona. Don't worry that this is the third event that you have attended in the same outfit. Everyone has that problem, especially in the beginning.

If the event you are attending is a camping event, the clothing is generally the same, but just more of it .See Packing for Camping for more information.

4. Getting your feast gear and other equipment together

As I mentioned above, camping is a totally different ball game. What you are recommended to bring can not possibly be covered in a few short sentences. See Camping Events in the Getting Started Section for more information.

Feast Gear Membership card ( if you have one ) and ID
Money, credit cards etc
Something to occupy your self

If you are going to be eating at the event, you need to have along. There will be the odd time, that you wil lsee in the event listing that no feast gear is needed and this is normally due to space limitations, and they are supplying disposable dinnerwear.

Membership card. The standard procedure is to have a membership card and show it at the Gate. What this doesis prove that you are already covered by the standard waivers that you sign for when you take out your membership.Otherwise, you will have to sign a waiver at the door. Sometimes it is cheaper as well, for members vs non members. ID is important if alcohol is begin served.

Money is obviously important. But, also keep in mind that there are often merchants at events and you may find things that you want to buy.

Something to occupy yourself can be interpreted as your newest needlework project, a period game,( talk to our gamemaster ) and sometimes even a book. There is usually a fair bit of down time at an event. This is greatfor sitting around and talking, going to look at the Arts and Science displays and just otherwise hanging out and soaking in the atmosphere. But, this can get tedious sometimes. So bring along something to work on or dowhile you are sitting around chatting to people.

Snacks: Even though food is very often being served it's not a bad idea to bring along a few munchies or drinks.

5. Have Fun!!

Relax and Enjoy your first event !! If you are truly worried about everything. We have more articles to help cover more information, like just what is a feast, how to put together a feast basket and what to expect at court

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