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Your First Event

So now you know what kinds of activites and events the Shire sponsor's its time for a more indepth explaination as to just what and event is and what to expect at one.

So..let me start with

Just what to expect at an SCA Event? and how do you get to one?

Events are much of what the SCA is centered around. These are the tournaments and revels that are sponsored by various groups thoughout the known world of the SCA ( ie anywhere there is an SCA group is the known world ). Most of what we do in our activities : dancing, research,cooking, our art and science and our fight practices are lead ups to events.

At an event is where you will see the only rule about clothing enforced " you must make an attempt at pre-1600's clothing". In otherwords, costuming or garb must be worn. ( See the section on Necessities ). Events are posted on theEast Kingdom website( for events throughout our kingdom ) on our own main shire site. and here on the calender..

It is important to read an event listing to see what the requirements are. Typically this is things like, can there be alchohol, is it restricted. Is it outdoors or inside, will there be fighting etc.. The event listing will also mention if there will be a feast or not, and is there a limit on the number of people that can eat at the feast.who the reservations go to, the deadline on reservations and who to contact if you have any questions and very importantly, the site and meal costs. ( * note there is now a $3.00 discount for being official members of the SCA..see Getting Info for more information on memberships

Eating feast at an event is what is commonly called "on-board" are on for the reservations. "Off - board" means that you will end up bringing your own food or going out to eat. Sometimes a notice will say there is no "off-board" you will have to go out to eat. Day board is typically a light lunch buffet that is normally included in the event fee. VERY Important...make sure you get your reservations in early for most feast events. They do tend to sell out. The reservation information will always be on the event announcement.

A typical event ususally starts around 10 on a Saturday. If there is to be fighting, fencing or archery it will start around 11ish. These typically will feature a kind of tournament or championship. While this is taking place there are generally other activites for people to do . Quite often there will be merchants at the events, people who sell items of possible interest to those of us in the SCA. There may be gaming ( period games of course ), dancing, music and arts and science displays ( people bring in items that they have researched and handcrafted ) or even contests. ( For More info see the article on Feasts in this section )

If the event you are going to is listed as a Royal Progress, ie ..the Queen or King, Prince or Princess is attending, there will usually be a court. ( What to expect at court in this section is a great primer to what to do and expect in court )

The feast will be everything you imagine a medieval feast should be, and then some.You will be served more dishes than you've ever seen at one meal, or even at a whole day's meals.You will be served things you've never heard of. You'll eat things that you'll have to get the recipes to, and you'll eat things that you'll never, ever, ever want to eat again. All of this by candlelight in a hall that looks as medieval as the event sponsors can make it (which, unfortunately, may not be that medieval).

Very often there will be dancing at the events. Another good reason to attend those dance practices!! The events hosted by the shire usually have dancing as it is a favourite practice of the shire.

Events tend to end around 10 in the evening. You will often hear about post event revels. These are informal, out of garb, gatherings at someones house, hotel room or a restraunt or bar. They were designed to basically allow people to continue the fun. You don't see them as often anymore, as most local people to an event are usually the ones hosting it, and they have a good hour or more of clean up after an event is done.

Very often you will see posting on the Shire's lists, asking who is going to what event. This usually means people are looking for other people to go with, to sit with or generally to see who is going to be around. The more the merrier.

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