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Getting Started

This section will be devoted to getting started within the SCA and the Shire. From this point, there will be alot of information. It is not something anyone new to the group is expected to read right away but more its to be here as a long term reference. The resources will be there, just come and find them when you need them.

There are alot of first steps. For many its as simple as contacting someone and saying "okay I have read a bit about this, I want to get involved, now what do I do? " This is hopefully to help you through that next step..the what do I do next?

So where to start. The easiest way is to just show up! Its that simple. Just come to a meeting, an activity, something that is close to home and interests you. No one will expect you to know what you are doing, nor will anyone except you to do much more than observe unless you want to.

Don't be intimidated when you do show up, remember everyone involved with our groupand the SCA in general has at one time been a newcomer. They to needed someone to help them out, show them the ropes more or less. But, ASK QUESTIONS. I say this emphatically becuase, whileeveryone is more than happy to help you out, show you around and otherwise get you involvedin our activities and more, no one wants to overwhelm you too much, so people will tend to wait until you ask questions.

Not only that, you will find our activities are very muchsocial events, and sometimes it the only chance members get to see each other on a regular basis.So if the truth be told, we all tend to get caught up a bit in the socializing and may not intentionallyingore a newcomer. Just come, join in the conversation and get to know everyone !!

One other thing I would like to stress is that most, if not all the activities thatthe shire does on a regular basis are designed so that people with little or no experience will enjoy them just as much as someone that is an expert. There is NO knowledge or skill required to do any of the things that we do, just a willingness to participate and learn.

That all said lets get started !!!

Activities? Events? Meetings? ( or what does everyone actually do in the SCA)

This is a topic that is varied as the SCA and people themselves. There is no defined answer. If you would ask 10 people what it is they do, you will get 10 answers, all depending on their level of involvement , interests and involvement.

The wonderful part of being involved with the SCA is that you can pick and chose your level of involvement. You will see people you come to one or two events a year to people who this is their main focus of interest. A warning here is addictive. It can become a lifestyle as opposed to just a hobby. This is not a negative, because for many many people this is what they want. So relax and enjoy.

The other pages in this section will talk more about the various events and activities in detail.


Activities are what we define as things the members of the shire do on a month to month basic based on their personal interests. We have many many different activites which are explained in more detail in another section as well as the basic information on times, dates and location are posted on the main Shire web site. Activities will range from Cooking, Needlework, Music, Archery, Heavy Weapons fighting to Dance and of course Newcomers Meetings. These are normally not done dressed up ( or in garb ) they are often held at someone's home. They are very social. As much hanging out talking is done as the activity itself. These are wonderfully relaxed ways to get to know the members of the shire, and us to get to know you. Showing up at a few activities is really the recommended way to feel out the SCA and what you want to do in it.


Events are another name for a revel or big parties that are held throughout the kingdom ( and other kingdoms ) through the course of the year. These are attended in garb and very often are themed or have an occasion for having them. Events can be held for just one day , over a weekend, or for the larger special "wars" over a period of days or weeks. see the section in Your First Event This section is dedicated to what an event is, what to expect and what to bring.


Meetings tends to be a term used to describe two different types of get togethers. You will see a meeting described as " the meeting of the cooks and needleworkers for example. This is not a formal meeting, it is just a different way of describing a get together of the people interested in cooking and the needle arts. ( this is an activity )

The other type is a formal meeting for a specific reason, such as our shire meetings. The Shire meeting is the monthly business meeting for the organization. It is where major decisions that affect the shire are made, no different from any other organizations required business meetings. As a newcomer, I would stress that it is important to try to attend these meetings. Do have to attend every one? Of course not, but try to make at least a few a year. I stress this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are a way of getting to know the shire itself,what makes it function, who the officers are and what role do they play, and just what is the shire actually all about. This is also where you can find out what is going on in the shire and how to get involved because we are always asking for help for various things.

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