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The Necessities

Now you have decided that this world we call the Current Middle Ages is actually somewhere you want to be, and its time to make the commitment to getting down to the basics of what do I need to buy ( or make ).First off, let me preface this by saying IT'S OKAY TO BUY THINGS. I say that in bold and capital letters because as you get more involved in the group you will hear so much about making things yourself, that you will start to panic. No one expects you to hand make all your garb, create your own eating utensils, build your own tent or pavillion. Now, will you see alot of folks out there that do? Yes? Will you get to the stage one day that you feel confident enough or intrigued enough that you will say..hey I can do that ..and try it? Probably. But for now, don't worry about it.

Now, should you make an attempt to find things that help create the right atmosphere, yes, if thats where you want to be. From personal experience, it is fun to look for things in the modern world that will recreate something old. It does add to the flavour of your own personal experience. Where to find all this? The resource guide at the end of this site will have an ongoing collection of web sites, books, museums, stores and more that people within our shire havefound useful in gathering together their day to day necessites ( and fun stuff ) for their life within the SCA.

As a newcomer to the SCA though, you will need a few things to help you through the a basic event. The pages within this section will focus on the major items you will need to get you ready to attend your first event : Clothing, feast gear,and finally basic camping needs explained.

For those wondering what do do about Pennsic, it has it's own section, mainly because it is truly a unique style event.

This all being said....lets get going!

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