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Shire Activities explained

This section is designed to provide a bit more information about some of the activites the shire participates in, than is found on the . main shire site. and here on the calender..


As the warm weather of the spring begins the regular season of Archery practice begins. Generally held on Sundays in Fairview Village, in the Trooper area, this is a time for anyone with any interest in Archery to come out and sharpen your skills. For those who have never shot a bow, but have always wanted to try it, this is a great opportunity for you. We welcome everyone, with or without experience to join us. Do not worry about having equipment, as loaner equipment is available.

Asian Night

Asian Nights are for people who are interested in Japenese and other asian cultures. This is a very laid back evening hosted at the home of Mokuri and he welcomes all . Topics can range from clothing to the culture to food and everything in between.

Bardic Circle

The hosts of our Bardic Circle, Solomon Gerdawr and his gracious wife Tovah, do call you to join them in a monthly Bardic Circle This evening is a forum for traditional bardic arts, plus any other musical things that might occur. Come and sing,tell tall tales, recite or read a poem, or just listen to everyone else's stuff!

Cooks and Needlework Night

These are actually two groups that meet at the same time and place, thanks to a husband and wife who have different interests within the SCA. Elizabet Marshall hosts the Needlework and John Marshall hosts the Cooks Night.

If you have an interest currently in modern cooking or needlework, we can promise you that you will love doing them the SCA way. Again, no skill or experience is needed, just a willingness to learn.


Dance is one of the favourite activities for the shire. That is partly becauseit is fun, it requires no skill or knowledge, and we are also blessed withtwo wonderful dance instructors.

Dance is held normally twice a month, at the Montgomery County Geriatric Center near Collegeville

As a newcomer to the Shire, this is probably one of the best activities that gets you meeting people right away. To join in, just show up! Don't worry about being able to dance, there are many many who don't dance , but use this as a social night out with friends.

Fighter Practice

Want to get into fighting? It intrigues you to watch the fighters out there on the field, and you wish you could try it?This is the place to be. The people who run fighting will talk with with you to get your equipment and to get the training needed to get you out there. Note : this is not just for the men...the society has alot of women who fight, so we welcome all !

Gaming Night

If you enjoy games of all sorts this will the the activity for you. Games were always an important partof medival life, and here in the SCA, the popularity continues. Always good for a way to strike up conversation, or simply to pass the time, period games are the forunners of modern games. This is a very relaxed evening, spent learningand playing period games.

Madrigal's Practice

Love vocal music? A madrigal singing group, the Anvil Chorus, practices at the home of Lady Anne Liese Wolkenhaar.  All interested people are welcome, no experience or talent necessary! . The focus of this group is to study and perform period vocal pieces ( as well as have alot of fun ).

Sunday Arts

Sunday Arts was created in order to have a day set aside once a month that the shire as a group could work on either Shire projects together, or a day of instruction and teaching in one of the Arts and Sciences. These are hosted by various members of the shire, normally the oneteaching the class. They are very casual, very relaxed and there is always plenty of food, as most are done potluck. This is a perfect enviornment for a newcomer to learn about things they would normally not have tried!!!

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