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Camping Events

Camping events are just what they say, Camping but Medieval style. These events will tend to bevery similar to a normal day event but they are held outdoors. These events will have most of the same activities as a regular event, only outdoors. A camping event will usually run from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, with most of the activity on Saturday. They are usually held at private campgrounds, though sometimes you will find them held at all sorts of different sites. The facilites will vary from location to location. The event listings will normally tell you what activities are going on, what costs are andwhat type of facilites there are available.

Alles Faire

The Shire has one major camping event, Alles Faire which is held on Memorial Day weekend every year. This is a great introduction to camping with the SCA. ( Also see Getting Ready for your First Event) The event is held over Memorial Day weekend in May, down by Peachbottom, PA, at a gorgeous boyscout camp.

If any single event could be recommended for a newcomer that is interested in camping with the SCA, this would be it. It is not crowded, there is a main hall with a full kitchen and dining hall.There are hot showers and indoor toilet facilites. Most of the food during the weekend is provided for you for a very very modest site fee.This includes dayboard on Saturday, feast Saturday night, Sunday brunch and a second feast on Sunday night .

This event is also a good starting point because a new member does not have to get alot of camping gear together to survive this weekend. Very little is needed over and above the normal necessities.(See Getting Ready for Your First Event)

There is alot do do at this event, but at the same time it is really relaxing and fairly low key. For more information see the current event listing on the East Kingdom Website.

Other Local Camping Events

There are a number of other camping events that members of the Shire normally attend. They are hosted bynearby groups and therefore not too hard to get to as well as you will normally have other people from ourgroup to camp with. The best advice we can give you, is if you are interested in going to other camping events, see who else is going.This way, not everyone needs to bring everything, pooling resources and supplies.

Landsknecht is hosted by the Eisental and is held up at the Ukrainian Homestead, just outside of Jim Thorpe, PA. This is again a nice relaxed event, with decent facilities. While showers tend to be a bit cold. There is a nicemain hall and best yet, a swimming pool for everyone to enjoy. There is usually a group that does go to this event and War Camp which is also held here. So grab yourtent and your gear and join in the fun.


Pennsic is indescribable to anyone who has not been there. It is an experience.For many peoplein the SCA this is the event they wait for, the single most important event of the year.

Pennsic is actually The Pennsic War, held in western PA, out by Pittsburg, it is a two week encampment that focuses around an annual war between the Middle Kingdom and the East Kingdom. Upwards of 10 thousand people or more attend Pennsic every year from as far away as Australia and Europe.

The shire itself has an encampment at Pennsic. As a newcomer, unless you have other peoplethat have already invited you to be part of their camp, this is the best way for a newcomer to camp at Pennsic, as so much is already taken care of for you. There is so much more to be said about Pennsic we have a separate section devoted just to this topic.

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