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Hartshorn-dale Day Events

Games and Galliards

Games and Galliards is a wonderful event for a newcomer to attend. It is very very relaxed and low key. The focus of this event are games, feasting and dancing. Come prepared with your feast gear, you will have to bedressed in garb, ( you can change there so don't worry ). It is best that you pre-register for feast if you are interested as they do usually sell out. There is always a dayboard , during the afternoon that is provided for you aspart of the site fee.

You don't need to know any games before hand, there are always people there to teach you how to play. If you get a chance drop in to one of the game nights with the shire to get an introduction to period gaming. Dancing, is the evening highlight of the event.As with gaming, you do not have to know how to do any of the dances, as our Duchess kindly walks people throughthe dances before doing them. I would recommend though, that if you are interested in dancing ( which tends to bean SCA staple, that you do attend dance class if you can, it will make you so much more at ease during these types of events.

Within the major events hosted by the Shire, this is the one recommended as an introduction to SCA events.

For further information on the event, visit the Event listing on the main Shire page. For further information on dance and gaming, please visit the section in Activities or on the activities page on the main shire web site.


A Commons is a simple get together. They are in garb, food is usually done as, bring to share, (basically bring food for your family, butit usually becomes somewhat potluck ). Held often at parks and other outdoor venues, there can bearchery, fighting and basically anything else people want to do. It is a nice, relaxing way to spend a day.


Demos are mini exhibitions that are done at local events, or by request of such groups as schools, historical organizations, museums, libraries and more. They provide both education for the general public on the SCA as well as an introduction to our group. This is a great way to get new people involved.


The schola is a day event which focuses on teaching. There are normally several tracks of classes, enough to fill an entire day. The classes are generally introductory classes, though advanced onesmay sometimes be offered.

People love schola's as they give them an opportunity to learn new techniques and skills in the Arts and Sciences as well as other areas. Just because a person may be an expert in one area, they may be a beginner in another, which means they are learning just like you are. Because we are dedicated to our newcomers, there will also be classes directed towards newcomers.

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