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~ Officers of The Shire~

( or who do you contact for what? )

Rather than go through the contact information for each area, this is to give you the information on who you contact and when. The most recent contact information for each officer can be found on the main site.

The Seneschal
The Seneschal is the main administrative officer for our group. Each group has one and they are the legal representative of any SCA group to the board of directors. They are generally responsible for coordinating the activities of the groups other officers and in general makes sure everything runs smoothly.

The Chatelaine
The chatelaine ( also called Hospitaller, Chamberlain or Castellan ) is the officer in charge of greeting and helping newcomers. They are the person who is usually the initial contact to the group. They will help you get information you need, guide your way through your first few months in the group. They are also the person in charge with keeping Gold Key, which is loaner clothing and feast gear for people who need them or even forget theirs at home.

The Chirurgeon
Chirurgeon ! What is that you say!A Chirurgeon is a person in the SCA with basic first-aid training and CPR.They freely give of there time to help anyone in need. They care for fighters orobservers. They have water too and help the water bearer when there is need.The Chirurgeon can be recognized by a red baldric that he or she wearson a belt or across the shoulder.If you are in need of aid ask someone to point one of us out to you andwe will be happy to help. We carry a basic first-aid kit with us and are happy to share anythingwe have with you.

The Chronicler
The Chronicler is the person in charge of the shire's newsletters. They help to keep everyone in touch with the happenings in the shire, reporting on past events and more. Subscribing to the newsletter is a great way to keep up with what is going on in the group.

The Exchequer
The Exchequer is the person who is in charge of handling the finances within the shire. They help set budgets, pay the day to day expenses and monitor the policies on anything to do with finances

The Herald is the officer in charge of the development and registration of names and devices for the local group. The can also be the person designated to making announcementsat Court and other events. The herald assigned to a local group is usually called the Herald Pursuivant.

Knight Marshall
A Knight Marshall is the officer responsible for martial activities, in particular that of the knights and other heavy weapon fighters, to ensure safety.

Accessibility Porter
The accessibility porter is the officer in charge assisting people with disabilites mainly at events and makes sure that the needs of anyone with disabilities are taken care of.

Doomsday Editor
The Doomsday is the listing of all the shire members who wish to have their name , addresses and other basic information, shared with other members of the shire. This is a very good thing for anyone, especially newcomers to have . You dont have to have an SCA name or persona to be in the doomsday. Just send in your information.

Mistress of Arts and Science
The Arts and Science Minister or Mistress, is the person responsible for helping to coordinate and encourage the various Arts and Science activities within the shire. They are your bestfirst resource to contact when interested in getting involved in any of the Arts and Sciences.

Archery Marshall
Similar to the Knight Marshall, the Archery Marshall oversees the archery activities within the shire.

Minister of the Lists
This position is responsible for maintaining records on fighters and overseeing the running of tournament lists

Web Minister
The Web Minister is responsible for updating and coordinating the offical web site of the Shire.

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