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Welcome to our shire. Located in eastern pennsylvania it primarily encompasses the Chester and Contgomery counties. We are a medium sized group as far as shires go, with core group of very active members. Our intrests range from heavy weapons fighting, to archery to fencing on one side to brewing, sewing, weaving embroidery and just about everything else in between on the arts and science end of things.

What does this mean to you? That by becoming involved in with our group you are sure to find something to spark your intrest.

There are regular activities at various locations around the area and numerous local event held throughout the year. You will find a group of very enthusiastic passionate people who not only love what they do but love sharing that passion with others.

We are very open to new people and in fact most of our events are either geared towards newcomers in some fashion or they are considered to be perfect "first" events for many. We are a very social bunch, we tend to enjoy each others company and for many of us, our freinds within the SCA are very much our family.

So once again, welcome to the shire and we look forward to getting to know you!

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